Images and photos of Butterfly puzzle 200 pieces. ESC WELT.
Images and photos of Butterfly puzzle 200 pieces. ESC WELT.
Images and photos of Butterfly puzzle 200 pieces. ESC WELT.
Images and photos of Butterfly puzzle 200 pieces. ESC WELT.
Images and photos of Butterfly puzzle 200 pieces. ESC WELT.
Images and photos of Butterfly puzzle 200 pieces. ESC WELT.

Butterfly puzzle 200 pieces

Premium Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
Exclusive design
Best gift for anyone
Delivery takes 7-10 days
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150.478+ satisfied customers

Devote your time to those you cherish.

Our puzzle provides a wonderful opportunity to gather all your family and friends.

Leave behind the everyday grind!

Psychologists advocate solving puzzles as a means of meditative stress relief.

Explore fresh experiences.

Escapewelt puzzles boast the most distinctive shapes and designs.

Push your limits.

Puzzles engage your mind and enhance mental resilience.

Quest for home
For beginners and advanced
Almost for every age group
Playing time is about 60-90 minutes
You can solve it alone or in a group
04 Jan 2024, 07:01 AM
The quality of the UV printing is extraordinary, enhancing every detail of the image. Choosing high-quality wood from sustainable sources not only contributes to respect for the environment, but also ensures that the pieces are perfectly die-cut. During assembly, the pieces fit together perfectly, with a thickness of 5 mm that added robustness to the whole. From the design to the quality to the user experience, this puzzle met all my expectations. I would definitely recommend it to other puzzle enthusiasts and art lovers as it offers a complete and satisfying experience on both counts as well as being beautifully presented as a gift.
23 Dec 2023, 07:12 AM
"500-piece round wooden puzzle from the ESC WELT brand. A different puzzle! More difficult to fit than others but with the polished pieces and each one with a different shape, very cool and at the same time a challenge. Really, if you like puzzles you will love this one.

👍I liked:
✅Good quality
✅Made of wood
✅Well polished pieces and some with animal shapes
✅A different puzzle
✅Very nice"
18 Dec 2023, 07:12 AM
"The puzzle is beautiful, a true marvel and with spectacular colors. All the pieces are shaped like butterflies in different poses and other strange shapes and children can play with them while putting them together until they form the complete butterfly puzzle.

It is a puzzle that is suitable for all ages, but it is perfect for children aged five and up. It is perfect for giving as a gift because it comes in a beautiful navy blue box with floral details, so you just have to give it to whoever you want without the need to wrap it and everything is very well protected and decorated inside.

Exceptional quality/price ratio. It is a beautiful puzzle, of very good quality, resistant and durable made of wood and with a magnificent price. I recommend it, it's beautiful."
17 Dec 2023, 07:12 AM
This circular wooden puzzle from ESC WELT offers a unique and challenging experience. In our opinion this has been the best puzzle we have made in months, although that quality also translates into a higher price than other options. As I have mentioned, its level of difficulty can be high due to its circular design but it also has a guide on how to put the pieces together and the quality of the product and its originality make it a highly recommended option. Without a doubt, we will repeat with another one from this brand...
Miss Compritas
15 Dec 2023, 07:12 AM
A colorful design, with beautiful and careful details. The pieces have an impressive beauty and are collected in the cube-shaped box, very suitable for a detailed view of what awaits us. The quality of the product is very good. The pieces are made of natural birch wood, perfectly carved and sanded, without splinters or sharp areas. The colors are very bright and pretty. At the time of this opinion it has a price of €59.89, a price that seems appropriate to me for this product since it is of very good quality and offers the high possibility of later being part of the decoration given the beautiful design it has. I recommend it.
12 Dec 2023, 07:12 AM
"This puzzle comes to us with a spectacular presentation, it opens like a chest with magnets on the lid, inside we find a cloth bag to store the pieces, an instruction sheet and stickers. Makes it perfect as a gift for any puzzle lover.

It is a different puzzle than what we are used to, it does not have the typical pieces, but rather they have different shapes. These shapes are perfectly cut and fit together perfectly."
Javier R.R.
10 Dec 2023, 07:12 AM
"✅ When you open it, the smell of wood is very pleasant and is appreciated.
✅ It is a puzzle with a high quality and very beautiful finish.
✅ The animal pieces are super original and pretty.
✅ A new challenge a step above normal puzzles.
✅ Although it may seem like few pieces, it will take you a few hours until you are able to complete this puzzle.

I've been seeing this type of puzzle for a while and you have to try it. It is a very different type of puzzle, beautiful and fun. It will be a real challenge but very satisfying. Highly recommended."
Eli y Sergio
06 Dec 2023, 07:12 AM
This puzzle is impressive, the cuts of the pieces and perfection of the design, it is beautiful wherever you look at it. It is very different from other puzzles, the cuts are made with laser, this is why the pieces fit together perfectly. I consider the difficulty level to be medium high. The pieces have very different shapes than the classic ones and I love that. It is undoubtedly a great gift for puzzle lovers.
06 Dec 2023, 07:12 AM
I have always loved puzzles, and this one is new in many ways. The pieces, instead of being made of cardboard, are made of wood. The shape of the pieces is super original and they are all different, but they fit together perfectly. You can try doing it the traditional way, separating the pieces by color or you can try doing it with the shapes of the chips. There is a guide paper with the drawing of the pieces to be able to do it this way. I recommend it.
02 Dec 2023, 08:12 AM
All pieces are made of 100% wood, and it looks beautiful once finished. The drawing is of the moon with butterflies, and it is attractive and beautiful.
01 Dec 2023, 08:12 AM
It's not just any puzzle... it's an ideal gift!